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Al-Noor School Spirit Video 

Changing the World, One Garden at a Time

               Picture this: an oasis that offers hope, solace, serenity, and peace for our students. Majestic colors circling around you, making you feel infinite. A completely revamped school garden can be the sanctuary for the hundreds of students who come in and out of Al-Noor every day. Project School Garden is one step in the right direction for all the students who will be involved. When a student plants a seed in our school garden, and days later, sees a tiny leaf pushing forward through the soil it will mark the beginning of a new life, and new opportunities for students to get involved with their community and environment.
            On Friday, February 7th 2014, members of Al-Noor School’s Environmental Club hosted its first fundraising gala to raise money for Project School Garden. The night started with a presentation on the achievements of the club, given by club executive board members, and a short video of students voicing their excitement for Project School Garden. Shortly after the presentation, guests were able to place their bids on a variety of gift baskets over dinner. The power and diligence of our members radiated that night when together, we achieved our goal and raised enough money to start Project School Garden.     All across the country, schools are joining the movement and creating school gardens, to serve as a place where students can come together, talk, laugh, work, and discuss positive change. A garden offers an opportunity for students to gain insight into the long-term human impact on the natural environment. A completely student run project, the Environmental Club has been planning this project for many years now. Finally, in the weeks to come, our members will advance forward and begin bringing this garden to life.
            Explore the wonders of nature. Be one with Allah’s glorious creations. Live a peaceful more vibrant lifestyle. Be a part of a movement.
Join the the Environmental Club as we work to make Al-Noor School a more spirited and effervescent environment for all.

~Fatma Eldomyati

1st Mock Trial Competition of the Year

             Thursday, 2/27/14, was the date where our Al-Noor mock trial team would go to court and start their competition for this year anew. Prepared and excited, the team went to the supreme court downtown where they would face Midwood high school, a school known to have intelligent students. Approximately 30 students from our school have attended the court, and the match was amazing. Our school had the role of prosecution, and as each of our witnesses went on the podium they all proved their worth to this team.

             First was Yehia Sadek, who has been in mock trial for several years and did not disappoint. Next was Mohammed Ashour, a rookie from the 10th grade boys whose dedication brought him to the team. And lastly was Aseel Dari, yet another rookie from the 11th grade girls who performed quite well. Their lawyers, respectively, were Bassam Mulk, Mir Howlader, and Randa Taher. Bassam and Mir have been lawyers before, but this was Randa’s first time performing as she was a rookie as well. Overall, the team consisted of 3 rookies and 3 veterans, and all put a good show. Unfortunately, the Al-Noor team  had lost to Midwood’s team, who was an all girls team. They too put on a performance and the verdict was very close, but in their favor. Now, with a 0-1 record, our team must win the next trial for a possibility to continue, and if not than we are out of the tournament. The next trial consists of Lina Demis as Mahmoud Moharrem’s lawyer, Moram Kalefa as Aisha Imtiaz’s lawyer, and Suad Osman as Hiba Ayub’s lawyer. This team will play as defense, and we wish them all good luck!

~Adam Atieh